February 8, 2020

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick.”
-Proverbs 13.12a


We share something, Langston.

We share memories of what we hope

Some futuristic novel, like science fiction, fantasy.

We know there is something better

some world where dreams are realized

hearts pump as they should

muscles work

We traverse roads that are slippery and sharp

barbed wire fences that keep us out

We climb walls like ivy

searching for the sun

We are phototropic

We take pictures in our minds of possibility

of intricate scenes not yet performed

They wait for another time

The play goes on without us

We sit, polite, hands folded in an audience of one.

Paul said it.

But I don’t agree with him.

Love doesn’t endure all things.

Abuse is the obvious, but what about waiting?

Patience has its pause.

Its limits.

I have waited for much in my life–and I’m just giving you a heads up, God–I’m tired of waiting.

Love doesn’t endure all.

Waiting on the Mail

June 27, 2013

Today could be a big day

I never know what rectangled envelope, or square, will hide amongst slick paper advertisements.

Yesterday, it was an orange card from a friend. A random note, telling me she’ll be here for the month of July–all the way from California! Yippee!

Today, I expect cash from my Ex. He’s good about filling in gaps when I have them. His writing is small like the envelope.

Tomorrow, it could be YES from a poetry contest. You have won first place!

The next day, who knows? An invitation to a wedding or baby shower, a confession from a new reader of my blog, a note of encouragement from my mom, a thank you for a funeral..

I’m waiting on the Big One. The mail that will change my life.

“We have decided to publish your book.”

“Would you join me for dinner?”