I Want to Go Back to Tautra

January 19, 2020

“I want to go back to Tautra”
I speak out loud
Over and over
In longing
My mantra
From the front porch
In the middle
of the quiet, dark night
Silent solitude
The wind whispers the words
The ground length cape
Of fine wool
Forest green
Encloses me
Warm and private
I am hidden
In the rainy winter cold

It is 48 years old

I pull the hood up
And am a monk
A hermit
In a very loud

For 48 years

3:00 AM

January 3, 2020

It is quiet

Only the sprinklers speak in surprise

A distant train goes by

I can breathe now

Take in the deep

Solitude and silence

I must have

Is this time the only way to get it?

For me, now,


Thank you, God,

For the middle of the night

Even before vigils

Like a Dolphin

June 14, 2016

I swim like a dolphin
go under water
come up for air


I hear my breathing
Rhythmic and deep

Underwater, my hair swims too
Arms make a half circle
Then do it again

strong legs kick

I go deeper
In the Georgia lake

It is quiet there
Quiet and green

I am alone
It is a place of lovely solitude
Of perfect, weightless peace

I Rise at 4

June 6, 2016

I rise at 4
AM that is
And have for years.

Solitude is my friend,
The quiet of dark, the stillness before the world wakes up.