The Walmart Walker

February 2, 2020

I think she’s on meth.

Her steps so fast I get dizzy
Her eyes intense
Short hair stuck out every which a way
Her skin tan and wrinkled

Until I hurt my knee

I got to ride one of those driving things
Fun, like a golf cart
The speed of a snail but I learned to turn corners
And never knocked over a shelf

Now I am better

My knee, iced,
Parallel legs face forward
I take heed of a runner brother’s knowledge

In the middle of the night
Might be 2 AM I drive up 41 to Walmart

And realize
I could walk here
Practice new steps with careful precision
Gain distance by Valentine cards
In a favorite haunt in Acworth
Where they know me well
And I feel safe

I suddenly remember the meth lady
She’s not on meth at all
But a speedy Walmart walker
Fiercely intent to cover distance
In her private, singular world

Groundhog Day, 2020

The first palindrome calendar number
In nine hundred and nine years
When all is quiet and I’m restless
I will become a Walmart Walker
While the night crew unpacks boxes
In their silent singular world

I will walk the unending aisles
like the ‘meth lady’
Parallel steps in a crazy palindrome world