Hello new readers and friends. I am new to blogging, so thank you for being patient as I develop the site.

The domain name for the blog which I chose is Mysticalunionincarnation–a mouthful.

However, it is also a heart full. 

The name suggests what I hope to create on and through this blog: the union between the mystical and the Incarnation.

For me, this union is Eros

And so, my new blog–which I hope will also be yours–is an attempt to explore that Love.

I hope to reflect with you, to share poems and photographs, papers and thoughts. Conversation. Love.

Thank you for being a part.

God bless and peace,


The photograph on the home page was taken by me in Norway last fall. I worked as a volunteer in a Cistercian community of sisters called TautraMariaKloster. It is located on the island of Tautra on a fjord near Trondheim.

There were many dramatic ‘photo-ops’ during the two and a half months I was there. The sky seemed to change every few minutes–and the weather! On this particular day, I had ridden a bicycle to the mainland across the causeway bridge. This photo was taken from the bridge. I think it reveals some of the exquisite and ephemeral  beauty of the light on Tautra. As Sister Rosemary said when I arrived, “There’s something about the light here.” She was right.

10 Responses to “A Heart Full”

  1. Hello Patty,
    It is so special that we have reconnected in our lords love. I have a heart full of his love to share. I am looking forward to reading your blog.


  2. Hi Patty, I read your article about converting to Catholism. I stopped in my tracks because for two years this has been my discernment. I am a United Methodist Clergy in the Western North Carolina. Conf. I have been attending RCIA as a part of my discernment. I have so many questions. I have been talking with a sister in the Poor Clares as well as doing a lot of reading. I just finished teaching a class on “Learning to Pray from the Saints.” I would love to hear from you sometime about your discernment process. Thank you for your articles.


    • Angela, Thank you so much for reading the blog and for sharing some of your journey with me. It is good I think to talk with others like a Poor Clare sister or a good priest. My priest was wonderfula dn I could discuss anything with him. I guess the discernment takes time but you probably already know in your heart what is best and where God is leading you. All I can say is, although it is difficult, you cannot go wrong listening to and obeying the Spirit and trusting the process and timing and yourself. Prayers for you. P.S. How did you find the blog?


  3. Sorry, I noticed in my first comment — it should be Catholicism. Again, thanks.


  4. Rosa White messer said

    So love your thoughts and your exquisite writing


  5. Claudio* said

    Estimada Patty ¡Bienvenida a Casa! ¡Welcome to Home! Dios te bendiga y Santa María te sonria.


    • Patty Ryle clay said

      Thank you, Claudio, I love the Catholic Church, but I believe God is everywhere and Everywhere is Home. Take care, brother. Patty


  6. Mark Perdue said

    Thanks for sharing the picture is awesome it looks like a picture on a postcard.

    Liked by 1 person

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