Odd robotic teeth
Grind the earth
Chew chunks of red clay
Spit them out
In a pile

I lie on my left side
The window is open
My book is on the floor
Eyelids are lulled close
By the rhythmic sound


April 28, 2020

41004BEB-0064-4E0F-9CB9-1FEF25C7AE82Unhook the buckle on her lead
And muscles
Already pulsed
Propel forward into the woods
The scent of quail
Drives force

She is a white flash
Glimpsed through the Summer green
Ripeness of the Georgia woods
She is lightning
A child’s wonder

Will she return
I lurch forward
Thumb in mouth
A one piece sun suit

My young dad whistles
And she arrives like a train

We are the station
Here she is fed
Her nose wet
with the warm water
from a coiled hose

Her tongue panting
As lungs drink in air

Here, I teach her tricks on her line
“Up” “Sit” “Shake”

Intelligent eyes
Hazel brown
Look into mine

I don’t want to leave her
I don’t want to lose her

O Northern Star

April 26, 2020

O Northern Star
How bright you shine
The day is settled
The work is done

O guide me to
The perfect place
Of joy and mirth
To see Thy face

O tell me of your courage bare
Thy strength to carry
Thy wounds to bear

When all is lost
And Life slips away
I’ll bury my kisses
In Your arms sway

Three Deer

April 25, 2020

Three deer
Elegant legs
Thick coats
Leave my neighbor’s garden at 4AM

I watch as they amble across the road
To their familiar path
Past jewel weed
Yellow root
A small stream trickles

Shadrack, Meshack, and Abendago
Martha said years ago in a vision
We grew tan
Brown as Indians
But did not burn up
Just burned

We both left
Hundreds preceded
And hundreds followed

The Wounded Healer is a crock
There is One Wounded Healer

Child Comfort

April 23, 2020

Her mother huddles on the steps
Shakes as thunder rolls
Her PTSD on the back of her neck
Of childhood memories told

The tornado killed 300 people
The church was covered in blood
Pews became hospital benches
Elders held their heads

Now, the child pats her mother’s knee
Hugs her arm
Places a hand on her heart

Now, the mother calms, unfreezes
Nothing will tear them apart

The Garden from the Gate

April 22, 2020

Violet blue hydrangeas
Droop to the pine floor
I step on one barefoot
Perfume rises to the air

I’ll stroll to tumbling roses
Of ivory and pink
Creamy petals fall to earth
A sacred vow of yes

I’ll skip to zinnias
Hot with color
The sun absorbed in time

I’ll listen to the singing spring
The centerpiece of heaven
The lilt of wings
The kiss of mirth
On a sweet garden day

I’ll meet you in the morning
While the dew is on the rise
The chill will dissipate I’m sure
And I will surely wait

I’ll meet you in the morning
And hold your weary head
Wanting, warm, gentle hands
I’ll tuck them into mine

I’ll meet you in the morning
Even when it rains
And skies are red and sailers fear
The living and the dead

I’ll be here in the morning, Love,
To press my cheek on yours
To tell you how I love you
And what you’re really worth

Rhythmic Lullaby

April 22, 2020

Deep summer in Georgia
Long after trillium
And bloodroot bloom
I stand under a canopy
My knees weak
Eyelids heavy

The oaks, hickories,
Tall as redwoods
Host a symphony
Tree frogs
Creatures with suction feet
And trills
Like a whippoorwill

I’ll sleep tonight
Under the canopy
My bed
Crunchy leaves
My blanket warm dew

Fairies will encircle me
In dreams of a luster
So real
I wake to
Polished silver

I stand and stretch
My lullaby
My sweet

Sweet Skin

April 22, 2020

I must taste like honey
And look like a flower
Fully open
Petals bright
With possibility
Juice which sustains

The butterfly would not leave
But clung to my skin
Like a baby
Six little legs
Plus feelers
Tickled hair

Wings flapped open and close
A new green body
A new hope
On pale Spring flesh

Star seekers
Warm the echoed night
In fur coats
Rough beards
Guinness breath
Of oceans and cliffs
Wells from barren ground
All that forms
And pity
Lyrical as one harp string
Plucked gently
By a widow
They meet on green hills
Like clans
Wrestling minds and wills
And draw the lines
Which then move as they do
New horizons draw forth
New thoughts
An array of words
Alabaster shrines
Of diction, devotion
Determined praise
Valleys pull them low
and up to lofty stars they go