“Crown Him with many crowns”

One wounded head
Torn and bruised
Wears the crown

It is a crown of suffering
And glory

A beautiful thorn
A corona of hope

“Be not dismayed, Children”,
I hear the words from the throne

The Sound of Silence

March 13, 2020

“In restless dreams I walked alone”

I married myself
in Clyde’s Field
A red-tailed hawk
Three women friends
and a sister
Gathered in the parking lot
we hiked up the fire trail


I wore a creamy Sundance dress

it floated on the grass

tiny crosses on its back

long purple ribbons tied a wild bouquet

we shared words, songs,

scripture, testimony, prayer

then ate cupcakes and laughed

beautiful cards and gifts opened love

I married God again

Who shall separate me from the Love of God?

No one
No man
No one