“Please and Thank You”

February 12, 2020

Once upon a time
Not too many years ago..
I rushed from a busy hospice schedule
And lifestyle in metro-Atlanta
To my favorite place on earth
St. Simon’s
The Golden Golden Isle

Burger King was my destination
On my way to the beach
To satiate my Coke Zero addiction

I ordered at the drive-through
Spoke into the speaker
“One large Coke Zero with light ice.”

Here was the response I received
From the woman through the speaker:
“Please and Thank You.”

Boy, did she jerk me up!
I had forgotten my manners
In my rush from a crazy world
Where everyone hurries
And manners are often neglected,
Forgotten, maybe don’t seem to matter

But don’t they?

Now—as you might imagine—
You better believe
No matter the hurry I’m in
(And ‘hurry’ is my pet peeve,
I hate it!)
I NEVER forget to say “Please and Thank You”.

So, thank you, sister of St. Simon’s
For the vital reminder of
How important good manners still are.

And dear reader,
Thank YOU for reading..
And also..
Would you please remember your manners
As you help others remember theirs?

God bless us all
As we try our best to cope
In a frantic, frenetic world

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