Transition Time

September 25, 2019

I completed my 7th triathlon on Sunday in Florence, Alabama. A hard course, but I did it!

In official events, each sport is timed.. and so are the transitions.

One can lose much time in transitioning from the swim to cycling particularly, but also from cycling to the run.

The idea is to hurry from out of the water to where your bike is and things are laid out ready to put on, pull up your bike shorts, put on your gloves, socks, bike shoes, sunglasses, and helmet..then scurry out to where you can start the ride.

Likewise, when you return from the cycling, you park your bike, take off helmet, gloves, sunglasses, bike shoes, and put on your running shoes..then start the third portion of the triathlon.

When I train, I practice this part too.. with shoes unlaced, gloves facing the right direction..

I believe this transition is a metaphor for my-and probably others- transition to retirement. It takes some time. One cannot simply hop out of a lifetime of work and jump into the new life.

I think I’m getting there..but need continued patience, practice, and time to NOT hurry..yet keep moving forward.

God bless all who are in transition!



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