Purge-Your onomatopoeia

July 28, 2019

You are an onomatopoeia

You sound like what you are

As I pass Chattanooga, Signal Mountain

I scream Purge!

I purge you from my psyche

my longings

my doubt


Niche (Neesh)

July 26, 2019

I trace the map of the world

Fill in each country

Capitals are next

and out of all those capitals, bushes, deserts, streams

i look for my niche

suprisingly, the world is smaller than we think

and niches abound

But to find one’s own

is like Virginia Wolfe searching

I try and preserve what is good, what fits

like canning

the lid is sealed

but my room shifts

like a shadow

I find myself lost in a map

The Purple Iris

July 25, 2019

Right next to the handicap ramp it blooms

Velvet and regal

“Elegant ” my Dad always said

Now, I will dig it up before the Landscaper arrives

Transplant the broad green leaves to the terrace

Remember the hands which have patted earth to tuck it in

My appendages work together

Four limbs and my hair

I blow at the end of each lap as I turn

Air gushes out like a whale

I dive and surface

Sleek form

and pretend I’m a dolphin

My children riding my back.

My friend snips parsley in one hand with kitchen scissors

Adds it to the quinoa

celery, garlic, and lemon juice

Her son comes for dinner

Her other son takes her to Switzerland

They hike like wounded warriors

carry each other along the ridge

Now, her husband prepares the Big Green Egg from David

for a pork roast

They eat well

They love well

They miss David

but he lives with them still.


July 19, 2019

IMG_1345Passion plows through the woods

Giant trunks sway like coy women

move their hips

Electric currents pierce the air

and gigantic drops hit like hail

A summer storm in Georgia is nothing to mess around with

She thought

as she gathered towels, goggles, swim cap

and ran for the car

just in time


the most excitement of the week.


Umbilical Chord

July 17, 2019

We play a chord together

God and I

My small hand guided over the keys

Major and minor

Diminished sevenths



no theory

but music

Our blood flows together

and nothing can block it up

Stop the flow like a dam

We are One

Our music is forever.



July 16, 2019

The sisters place a wrapped icon in my hands

i am leaving

Jesus is in the River Jordan

Gold encircles his head

Taught in a Ph.D. Class on religious aesthetics

I was taught to pray

by looking through the icon

I strain

I squint my eyes

I put on glasses

I cannot see

Jesus is the color of water

He drifts into the sea


Peach Ice Cream

July 15, 2019

I stir the custard

in an apron

Peal and mash the golden peaches

add sugar and cream

Retrieve the freezer from the basement

Clear the cobwebs

The family arrives

as the paddle churns

We wait for the sound of it slowing

Swat mosquitoes

Gather on the back porch

We sit on fresh cushions

Lean heads back to find apexes

of trees that are giants

My daddy’s “tall friends”.



Wrest Your Feet

July 11, 2019

Wrest your feet from your shoes

Pull them off one by one

and feel the grass

Wet with dew and soft mass

free your sole

Free your soul

Walk barefoot.