To My Father, Dallas Marlin Ryle, Jr., on Father’s Day, 2016

June 18, 2016

Blackberry pickin’
Heat and long sleeves
Briars and chiggers
And pure joy as fingers get pricked like a Sleeping Beauty
And stained dark purple.
The blackberries plop plop into aluminum pails.
We fill them up for jelly, cobbler,
But it’s the experience of being with you.

My father, my dad
Who nursed us when we had a wound
Who climbed the stairs to check on us when we were sick
Who left a Juicy Fruit gum and our allowance out every Friday on the hall table.

You worked yourself to death for us
Spent nights to unwind playing solitaire

You taught us about Jesus and took us to church where I leaned against your solid suited shoulder
And felt safe

Not all children have such a loving dad
Who took us swimming, provided tennis lessons, golf and membership at the Country Club
Who fished and taught us to bait our own hooks
Who made a mobile to hang over our bed

Who showed us the stars
The wild geese flying in formation
How crows chase hawks and what an Indigo Bunting looks like.

You taught me trees and woods and how to get wild muscadines from the high vine

You helped us shop for cars and made sure each child had their own desk for honework.

You paid for ballet lessons and piano lessons and braces and so much more

You provided a home we still enjoy and gather in for forty-nine years!!
It was perfect
You let us pick out a color and carpet for our new rooms.
You designed it without being an architect

You sat on the back porch all summer reading Nationsl Geographic and The Smithsonian
Listening to screech owls
Calling us out to share in the awe

You managed to survive five rambunctious children
Whom you loved beyond words
We knew it then
We know it today

You hunted arrowheads and took us to recognize serrated edges on granite and flint,
Pottery pieces and bird points
You spoke to grandchildren’s classes

We went to the zoo
You pushed the stroller
Hank was a baby

You tickled us mercilessly
And wrestled
And grew stellar gladiolus

Later, a Garden of Eden when you retired

You went to work everyday
Designing airplanes for the world
And provision for our family

You helped us with math and encouraged science projects

You expected All A’s

you taught each one of us to drive

risking your life in a Volkswagon

making sure we could stop and start

on a hill, drive a stick-shift.

I thank you, Father, for these
For listening to our music as we aged
For loving music as the greatest appreciator
For loving our Mom
And showing us who a dad can be
What a good husband looks like
How he adores his wife.

Now, you age
That’s okay
It’s the circle of life

You hold little Caroline with a smile of wonder on your face.

You are my dear, wonderful role model and dad
A maker of home
A rock and a real man
A Southern gentleman
And a Georgia Tech graduate
You are my father,
Brilliant and humble
And full of love for your children, grandchildren, and now
A sweet great grand baby.

I will always love you, my dear and wonderful Daddy, and thank you beyond words for the man, husband, father, and Christian you are.

Love, admiration, and the utmost gratitude!!!

Father’s Day, 2016

6 Responses to “To My Father, Dallas Marlin Ryle, Jr., on Father’s Day, 2016”

  1. Debbie wells said

    Patty, this is soooo good. Love you! D

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Oh, Patty. Beautiful and wonderful beyond words. Thank you, dear sister. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Barbara Hood said

    Wonderful, Patty! What a fine tribute!

    Sent from my iPad



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  5. Renee said

    How utterly beautiful, Patty! I feel it down to my little toes.
    And the blackberry picking is perfectly described. Blessings, renee


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