Labor like a draft horse

strain against the weight

or a mule

ears back

waiting for commands

from the one behind the plow

work is part of the design

is not a four-letter word

I have spent my life giving them away–crosses, Bibles, and rings.

Now, I am down to one each

and hold them like pearls

It is enough for me

i dance, I twirl, I whirl.

Flannery O’Connorish

October 11, 2015

The tall black woman

stands at the intersection

narrow cross in hand

“Repent” is all it said.


October 11, 2015

Red maple leaves

pause in the tree

ready to fall


Silent Symphony

October 11, 2015

Still snow falls

absence of sound

a silent symphony

covers the ground

Dollbear counted as the temperature dropped

intervals increased with the cold

the summer crickets mourned their loss

Transitions make us old

Camino de Santiago

October 10, 2015

I pause before each shell and stare

wonder about the pilgrims who have traveled here

in Paris, Vezelay, Lourdes..

I make my Way

on wounded knees, crawling, prostrate

I traverse the landscape

follow footprints

am drawn inward as my journey takes me away

carried by a Rip tide

i swim in Grace

i tumble over sand

i am upside down, swallowing water


thristy for signs of Him

i eat wafers and drink wine

i sleep on the floor

i climb

over the Pyrenees my voyage takes me

St. Jean Pied de Port I leave behind

with all I know and love

for this journey is solitary

It is meant for One.


October 8, 2015

Fancy ferns line the bank

the river is elegant



low limbs shade the life within

crawdads crawl in the mud

fish play

it is a joyous river

a lusty stream

of winding vigor

She Called It

October 8, 2015

The RN is good

she predicts within a few hours, a day,

the transition of the patient.

She asks me to go and pray.

I lay my hands on the gurgling woman–

her eyes fixed.

She feels no pain

and slips quietly into God’s loving arms

I leave, telling her I love her with a hug.

Stating the obvious:

“I’ll see you in heaven.”

Synchronized Prayer

October 8, 2015

Like beautiful graceful women in swim caps

forming designs like a kaleidoscope

I long for such prayer

the flash of lightening bugs underbellies

blinking in rhythm in the poplar tree

Mine is an ecology of faith

Mine is an ecosystem

Mine is our collective niche.