I am a poor, wayfarin’ stranger

we all are

wondering as we wander

like Bedouins

herding our goats

We throw stones into dry caves

we hear the rattle of snakes

we find the Scroll

We are John in the desert >



preparing the Way

We follow the Way

down narrow streets of stone

past flat roofs where herbs grow

the marketplace

the cave

We come to Bethlehem

empty as the pots we have peered into

We look for the scroll

we find empty streets

empty mangers

empty inns

We Wait

We ponder

We wonder

Christmas Eve

Advent Gifts

December 21, 2013

Come they told me

On bended knee

Torn skin



Limp to the manger

The barn awaits

Like Bethseda

We linger on the edge

Ready to be carried

Touch hems


Gilded wings





And Mary Kept

December 19, 2013

Mary didn’t give it all away

She kept some for herself

A dream

A sigh

The wisp of movement inside


December 10, 2013

Cattails and Apron Strings

December 10, 2013

Adolescent kitty

Turns over my lamp during the night

I hear a thud


I remember two weeks ago

When you were young

And chased your tail


Now you chase my apron strings

Ornaments you’ve batted from the tree

Imaginary sightings only visible to the feline pupil


You stare at me

You claw my hand

You bite my skin

You scratch me


I tell you no

Remove you from the kitchen table

Know it’s futile

Sundays at Walmart

December 8, 2013

We worship between the Karo syrup and the pink fleece

Stuff clothing into shopping carts

Dodge 2x bodies in crowded aisles

Pray in line at registers


It is now our Sunday church


Roasted Potatoes and Bikers

December 7, 2013

Rosemary and olive oil coat the red potatoes

they are tucked into the oven

My new kitten

plays with the homemade ornament on the tree


Bikers gather at the clubhouse

soon we will feast


These rough men

daddies, lovers, husbands

almost all grow beards

their Harleys lined up

backed into spaces


I learn to hold on

to relax

to let go

to cuddle with my new man.




December 5, 2013


We swallowed fish oil for the darkness

We boxed elegant soap

We chanted Norwegian prayers

We walked along the edge of the fjord

We were sisters of habit

and daughters of the earth

Intellectuals in child-like wonder

at the Universe